AMK delegation meets Chief Minister   

June 6, 2013

Teaching of Kashmiri as evaluative subject in 9th, 10th classes to begin soon

In a significant development to promote Kashmiri language through academics, the Chief Minister assured Adbee Markaz Kamraz (AMK) of introducing Kashmiri language as an evaluative subject in 9th and 10th classes.

A delegation of AMK functionaries and representatives of its committee of civil society members today met Chief Minister Omar Abdullah with the demands of introducing Kashmiri as an evaluative subject in 9th and 10thclasses and posting of teachers in the higher secondary schools of Kashmiri speaking areas of the State.

The delegation comprised AMK functionaries, President Dr Aziz Hajni, General Secretary Dr Shujaat Bukhari, Media Secretary Parvez Majeed, and Executive Member Muhammad Amin Bhat; representatives of AMK’s civil society committee- Prof Rahman Rahi, Prof Muhammad Zaman Azurdah, Zareef Ahmad Zareef, Mushtaq Ahmad Tantray, Shakil Qalander and Shehzadi Simon. Minister for Rural Development Ali Muhammad Sagar and Secretary Education Hardesh Kumar also were present in the meeting.


The AMK delegation explained to Chief Minister the importance of teaching of Kashmiri language as an evaluative subject in the 9th and 10th classes. It was emphasised that Kashmiri language is a symbol and guardian of collective identity of centuries-old Kashmiri culture and civilisation and needs to be promoted and preserved at all levels. For that purpose teaching it as an evaluative academic subject is essential. It was stated emphatically that AMK alongwith members of civil society are working together in the larger interests of collective identity of Kashmiris irrespective of region or religion. The delegation made it clear that AMK favours promotion of all other regional languages of the State and supports their introduction as evaluative academic subject in schools.

The Chief Minister said that Kashmiri is a living language and that government is serious in its promotion. Acceding to AMK demand of introducing Kashmiri as evaluative subject in 9th and 10th classes, the Chief Minister assured that the government will soon be issuing orders in this regard after discussions with the ministry of education. “I appreciate your efforts and your support to promotion of other regional languages. Your approach has genuine concern for regional balance and government appreciates it,” he said. Regarding demand of posting of Kashmiri language teachers in Kashmiri-speaking areas of the State, the Chief Minister assured that the technical and administrative aspects of the demand will be looked into. However, as an immediate step, he said that in all those higher secondary schools, which are falling in the catchment areas of those colleges where Kashmiri is already been taught, posts of Plus -two lecturers will be created.

In response to suggestion that the making Kashmiri as medium of instruction and books in ITI’s will not only promote the language but make the trainees easily understand the subject, as they are school drop-outs and not expected to read and understand English, the Chief Minister said, “In principle I agree with you; we will look into this as well.”

The AMK delegation thanked the Chief Minister and sought the continuous cooperation from the government in its efforts of promotion of Kashmiri language, literature and culture.

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