AMK office bearers elected unopposed, Farooq Rafiabadi new prez, Khaliq Shams gen secy

November 27, 2017
AMK office bearers elected unopposed, Farooq Rafiabadi new prez, Khaliq Shams gen secy

Literary figures pledge to strengthen linguistic movement

Sopore:Adbee Markaz Kamraz (AMK) Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday elected its office bearers during its 13th General Council meeting.
All the office bearers including president, two vice presidents, general secretary, secretary, media secretary, librarian and treasurer were elected unopposed after opposite candidates withdrew their nominations en-masse.
Farooq Rafiabadi has been elected as president, Abdul Ahad Hajini and Rashid Jawar as vice president first and second respectively, Khaliq Shams as general secretary, Shabnum Teligami as secretary, Jameel Ansari as media secretary, Shabnum Gulzar as librarian and Majeed Majazi as treasurer.
All the members were elected unopposed after their opposite candidates who had filed their nominations withdrew their nominations following the issuance of election notification.
Farooq Rafiabadi who was elected as both president and vice president II posts choose president’s post leaving vice president’s post vacant.
Later General Council unanimously elected Rashid Jawar of Kupwara as vice president II.
Earlier election officer Advocate Abdul Salaam Rather had issued election notification calling application for the elections and had set 18th November as last date for the submission of elections forms.
Scrutiny of all the submitted nominations forms was carried out on 20th November while last date for withdrawal of nominations was 23rd of November and elections were scheduled for 26th of November.
However the opposite candidates withdrew their nominations on 20th of November which led to election of AMK office bearers unopposed .
Prof Muhmmad Abdullah Chaproo was election observer for the whole election process.
After the election of office bearers, literary activists who are also members of AMK constituent units had debate and discussion on various literary and organizational issues.
Activists who attended the 13th General Council meeting of States’ largest literary organization here in Sopore on Sunday pledged to strengthen the ongoing linguistic movement.
They vowed to fight for the safeguard of language, culture, and ethos while following the ideals of AMK in letter and spirit.
Terming Adbee Markaz Kamraz J&K as one of the major uniting forces among the literary community, a literary activist who arrived at Sopore to attend 13th General Council of the organization said that they will fight tooth and nail to strengthen the ideals of AMK besides strengthening the language, ethos and culture it eh society.
While opening the session, former General Secretary Muhammad Amin Bhat recollect the achievements of AMK.
Bhat also talked about the challenges they face while following the ideals of AMK.
Bhat said that AMK is the largest literary organization which is fighting for the development of Kashmir culture, ethos and taste in the society.
He praised the dedication of members who work for the protection of the language and culture.
Editor-in-Chief Rising Kashmir and former President AMK Dr Syed Shujaat Bukahri on the occasion pledged to fight for the development of Kashmiri language besides strengthening ongoing linguistic movement led by AMK.
“We have worked a lot for the development of language and culture, but a lot is yet to be done,” Bukhari said.
“We are committed to strengthening the cause and interests of AMK and will continue our efforts for the development language and to lay linguistic foundation in the society,” Bukhari said.
Terming AMK as a sacred organization working for the betterment of literary activists, poets ad writers, Bukhari urged members of AMK to work with dedication, and honesty.
“Contradictions in saying and actions is always counterproductive for any ideological or mission-based organization, every member should work honestly without any duality and misdeed,” Bukhari said.
Syed Shujaat Bukhari later thanked all the unit holders ad members of AMK for their support, love and affection they showed during his time as president AMK.
Bukhari also suggested some changes in the constitution of AMK which were substantiated by the general council members.
Later Muhammad Amin Bhat called all the newly elected office bearers to podium to carry forward the general council meet.
Former president AMK Dr Aziz Hajini who is a member of Halq-i-Adab Sonawari also spoke on the occasion.
He appealed for unity among the units and members besides urging members to work for the movement with “heart and mind”.
Hajini said AMK members are working for the pious mission of safeguarding language and culture and they should continue with their efforts while maintaining the unity.
Later newly appointed AMK President Farooq Rafiabadi spoke on the occasion. He also pledged to take forward the linguistic movement “while following the footsteps of his predecessor”.
Rafiabadi said AMK is a sacred organization with a sacred mission so “every member has to work with the sacred sense to strengthen the ideals of AMK”.
Rafiabadi thanked all the members for supporting him.
During the General Council meet members highlighted ad debate on any literary and organizational issues.
Patron AMK Dr Mishal Sultanpuri later thanked all the members who attended the meeting.

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