AMK Organises Kashmiri Conference

June 21, 2010


“Soz promises making Kashmiri a classical language “
“Put efforts to discourage mediocrity”
” Prof Punjabi Speakers seek avenues for students of Kashmiri language”

Srinagar, June 17: Former Union Minister and State Congress chief Saifuddin Soz Thursday sought meaningful efforts in safeguarding and promoting Kashmiri language.

Soz was speaking before a huge gathering at SP College during a function organised by Adbee Markaz Kamraz (AMK)—the organization spearheading promotion of Kashmiri language, to felicitate pass-outs of MA in Kashmiri.

Stating that knowledge comes from the language of communication, Soz promised, “I’ll make every effort to make our mother tongue a classical language the way I helped translate Indian constitution in Kashmiri language.”

Soz said the key issue is to promote the language among common people that require “meaningful efforts”.

The Congress leader also urged students to use Kashmiri as a medium of comprehension.

“Mother Tongue is the best medium of understanding things and gaining knowledge. Students should also use English which is a language that could take them to outside world,’ he said.

Assuring full support to AMK, Soz said, “I’ll make every effort in introducing Kashmiri language at higher secondary level if it’s a common demand,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor of the University of Kashmir, Prof Riyaz Punjabi said the students and promoters of Kashmiri language should try to use modern ways of promoting the language.

“Instead of mediocrity, we need to develop an intellectual approach. We should come up with translation of social sciences, physics, chemistry and other subjects by using the modern linguistic tools,” Prof Punjabi said. He asked the scholars to work towards making Kashmiri a language of knowledge in the real sense of term. “We tend to find short cuts and lose the real meaning of any work we take up” he opined.

Prof Punjabi announced that KU will soon start a Kashmiri language Course for non-Kashmiri students, which he had conceived way back in 80’s.

In his address, President AMK, Aziz Hajini appraised the audience about the working of AMK in promoting Kashmiri language from past 4o years.

He also appealed state Congress chief to make sustained efforts in introducing the language at higher secondary school level. “Although Kashmiri as a subject at the college level is satisfactory but very few higher secondary schools have introduced it in their course.”

General Secretary, AMK, Syed Shujaat Bukhari while speaking on the occasion highlighted the problems students of Kashmiri language face at various levels.

“Although Kashmiri is the language spoken by a majority of population but only three posts were advertised as compared to 13 posts for the Dogri language,” he said.

He urged the government create more avenues for the students of Kashmiri language in the education and other sectors.

Head, of Kashmir University’s Kashmiri department, Shad Ramzan, noted writer Farooq Fayaz and Kashmiri language passes outs Khurshid Ahmad and Irshad Ahmad Budgami also spoke on the occasion.

Earlier, Prof Soz and Prof Punjabi released a book ‘Assha Te Asse Kithe’ by Sheikh Haneef.

On the occasion, Kashmiri Language Forum was awarded for its work in promotion of language. The award carrying a citation and Rs 5000 were received by KLF president

Nusrat Bashir and Khurshid Ahmad Others who participated the function included Principal SP College, Zahoor Ahmad, noted Kashmiri poet, Zareef Ahmad Zareef, writers Qazi Amin, Iqbal Nazki, Shahid Budgami, Noor Shah, Javed Matjee, Fayaz Tilgami, Ranjoor Tilgami, Shehnaz Rashid, Showkat Ansari, Zamir Ansari, Shabnum Tilgami and other dignitaries. Noted writer Mushtaq Ahmad Mushtaq moderated the proceedings while Vice President AMK, Muhammad Yousuf Mashoor presented the vote of thanks.

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