AMK ‘s civil society committee to meet the government

April 7, 2013

Teachers conference in Srinagar on Sunday

Adbee Markaz Kamraz (AMK) has accelerated the efforts of taking up the teaching of Kashmiri language in 9th and 10th classes with the government. In this connection, its 11-member committee comprising representatives of civil society is meeting the authorities in coming days. Moreover, the process of establishing special Support Units shall begin on Sunday with first unit of teachers being constituted in a conference in Srinagar.

In a meeting with the representatives of 11-member committee of civil society formed in November last year to take-up different issues of the Kashmiri language with the government, it was decided that the committee will soon meet the authorities to discuss the inclusion of Kashmiri as a compulsory subject in 9th and 10th classes. It was resolved that the civil society committee of the AMK, which represents various walks of society, will be holding a serious and comprehensive dialogue with the government about the issues of Kashmiri language and literature in the State.  The meeting maintained that public opinion will be mobilised about the issues of Kashmiri language, for which a comprehensive plan-of-action is being formulated.

Various issues regarding establishing of special Sub Units were discussed in the meeting.

Besides others,  Prof Rahman Rahi, Prof Muhammad Zaman Azurdah, Zareef Ahmad Zareef, Prof C L Vishen,  Shakil Qalander, AMK President Dr Aziz Hajni, General Secretary Dr Shujaat Bukhari, Muhammad Amin Bhat and Parvez Majeed attended the meeting.

Meanwhile, carrying on its efforts to involve all sections of society in its language movement,  the process of establishing  special Support Units involving students, youth and teachers for protection of Kashmiri language and literature, will begin on Sunday April 7 in Srinagar. In the first step, the special Support Units comprising teachers will be established in a conference of teachers being organised in the auditorium of S P College Srinagar.

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