AMK takes big leap, establishes unit in Delhi

December 13, 2012

To be hub for 3-lakh Kashmiri speaking people in the NCR 

In a historic step aiming at broadening its role and functioning, Adbee Markaz Kamraz (AMK) established a Supporting/Base Unit in Delhi which will be a literary hub for the Kashmiri speaking people in the National Capital Region (NCR). The Unit was formed after an important meeting of the Delhi-based Kashmiri- speaking litterateurs, scholars, academicians and journalists in Delhi the other day. Prof Riyaz Punjabi was nominated as head of the Unit, senior journalist Iftikhar Gilani the coordinator with Pandit

Bhajan Sopori, Prof O N Koul, Fayaz Dilbar, Renu Mohan Bhan and M K Raina as members.

After threadbare discussions, it was decided that besides providing a platform to Kashmiri litterateurs, it will be an important Supporting/Base Unit of AMK to rejuvenate efforts for the protection of Kashmiri language and culture in the NCR. Moreover, the Unit will take up the demand of establishing a Kashmiri Academy in Delhi with the Government of India.

“There are approximately three lakh Kashmiri speaking people in the NCR who have a need and right of a Kashmiri Academy,” the meeting observed. It decided that the Delhi Unit of the AMK will also focus on important policy interventions in the GoI for the protection, promotion and preservation of Kashmiri language and culture.

The meeting was presided by AMK President Dr Aziz Hajni and attended by AMK Vice-President Dr Rafiq Masoodi, General Secretary Dr Shujaat Bukhari, Advisory Board Members Rukhsana Jabeen and Ghulam Nabi Aatish. The historic meeting was attended by a galaxy of Delhi-based Kashmiri litterateurs, scholars, academicians and journalists which

include: Prof Sushila Bhan, Sameer Arshad Khatlani, B N Betab, B L Razdan, Deepak Budki, Ashok Ogra, Ravinder Ravi, Ashok Handoo, Prof Chaman Lal Saproo, Mir Imtiyaz, Dr Mohan Lal, M K Bhat (Nirdhan), Shabir Hussain Santosh, Dr H K Kher, Saboot Makoo, Syed Nazakat, Vir Munshi, Sheikh Manzoor Ahmad, Taranum Riyaz, Dr Abdul Majeed Baba and Piaray Hatash.

Pertinently, AMK had decided to establish its Supporting/Base Units across J&K and Delhi after series meetings of its Executive and Advisory Board in September this year. The step has been taken in response to the consistent demands of the litterateurs in and outside State who wanted AMK to reach out to them. These Units will coordinate in the language movement of AMK, which is going to be re-vitalised in coming days. AMK hopes that this new reachout initiative will help the State’s oldest and largest literary federation to further its cause of promotion and preservation of Kashmiri language and literature.

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