Annual Conference in Poonch

July 3, 2012

In mountainous Poonch, J&K litterateurs debate importance of mother tongue Minister and legislators hail AMK for sensitising people about culture and language Poonch, July 2.

Hailing Adbee Markaz Kamraz (AMK) for reaching out to mountainous region of Poonch to sensitise people about importance of mother tongue, the Minister for Higher Education Abdul Gani Malik, MLA Poonch Aijaz Jan and MLC Jahangir

Mir extended their whole-hearted support to AMK in its endeavours to promote local languages in far-off regions of the State. Meanwhile, a special guest from Pakistan-administered Kashmir attended the Conference while as in a lively symposium on history and literary heritage of Kashmiri language the issues were thoroughly debated.

Speaking in the inaugural session of the two-day “Kashir Conference” being held in the Govt Degree College complex here, Minister for Higher Education Abdul Gani Malik said the concerns of AMK regarding mother tongues of different regions of the State are genuine, and that efforts like holding conferences in far-off regions would go a long in preservation and promotion

of the mother tongues. “This conference is a welcome step to sensitise people about mother tongues and culture and their revival,” he observed.

Malik, who was chief guest on the occasion, announced that he will propose an official academic linkage between colleges and the revival of mother tongues of the related area. Appreciating the efforts of AMK in preservation and promotion of Kashmiri language, Malik underscored the needs for capacity building programmes in Kashmir, which he called as “the global headquarter of Kashmiri language.”

MLA Poonch Aijaz Jan said the holding of “Kashir Conference” in Poonch is a historic decision, and it will be a turning point in strengthening the bonds not only between poets and writers of Poonch-Rajouri and Kashmir regions, but people in general as well. He invited AMK to hold next annual conference in Poonch again.

MLC Jahangir Mir seconded Aijaz Jan’s observations vis-à-vis the importance of the conference, and said the historic event will galvanise the efforts of understanding and co-operation among different regions of the State.

Earlier, in his inaugural address, president AMK Dr Aziz Hajni demanded that Kashmiri language should be introduced as a subject in the government colleges where there are predominant speakers of the language. Saying that AMK is a movement and mission, he reiterated the AMK demand of giving classical language status to Kashmiri language.

Presenting the annual report of AMK, General Secretary AMK Dr Shujaat Bukhari said by traversing through Mughal Road to reach Poonch, the caravan of Kashmiri litterateurs have come with an everlasting message that different regions of the State share a common civilisation, history and literature. Expressing anguish over government’s lukewarm response             efforts of promotion of Kashmiri language, he said AMK encourages promotion of mother tongues of the people of the various region of State.

In a special session dedicated to renowned writers and poets of Poonch, papers were presented on Krishan Chander, Charag Hassan Hasrat and Tehseen Jafri by K D Maini, Mahmoodul Hassan and Manshoor Banhali respectively.

In the book release segment, four books Kashiri manz nantiya shairi (Bashir Baderwahi), Ponmpren gath (Shahbaz Rajourvi), Put vanuk sada (Fida Rajourvi) and Kulyat-e Hazeen (Late Sheikh Ghulam Rasool Hazeen were released.

For the first time a special guest from across LoC attended a literary conference in J&K. Showkat Majeed, the secretary of the Pakistan- administered Kashmir Government travelled to Poonch to participate in the AMK’s annual conference.

In the segment of critical appreciation of a literary writings, Rinku Koul’s short story was critically reviwed by Shahid Dilnavi whileas Akhter Mansoor’s ghazal was critically reviewed by Muhammad Yusuf Mashoor. Th e session was chaired by Ayaz rasool Nazki.

A symposium titlted “Kasheer chhani kahie ghar” was part of the proceedings in which Dr Farooq Fayyaz presented an introductory paper followed by a lively discussion. The session was chaired by Wali Muhammad Aseer.

The proceedings of the conference began with Tilawat-e Quran Sharief and Na’at Khwani. AMK Tarana was also presented for the first time as its lyrics and music composition mesmerised the audience.

Besides AMK functionaries and members of various cultural and literary organisations of the State a galaxy of writers, entrepreneurs, journalists, academicians, cominists, businessmen and civil society members are participating in this year’s annual conference. They include: Prof Nasir Mirza, Ahmad Ali Fayyaz, Prof Sanaullah Parwaqz, Noor Ahmad Baba, Muhammad Shafi Pandit, Zareef Ahmad Zareef, Shakil Qalander, Engineer Rasheed, Muhammad Ahsan Ahsan Piyaray Hatash, Rukhsana Jabeen, Talha Jahangir, Atiqa Bano, Shabir Mujahid, Abdul Hameed of Raheem Motors, Bashir Ahmad Dar, Dr Shafaq Sopori, Nusrat Andrabi, Javid Iqbal, Dr Farooq Fayyaz, Shad Ramzan, Majrooh Rasheed, Rattan Talashi, Shahbaz Rajourvi, Sahfiq Mir, Hadmeedah Nayeem, Bashir Baderwahi, Vijay Wali, Ayash Arif, Nisar Gilani, Showkat Gayoor, Rattan Talashi, Bashir Bhwani and Nazir Azad.

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