Literary activists, social workers pledge to save Kashmiri language, identity

June 11, 2019
Literary activists, social workers pledge to save Kashmiri language, identity

Smelling growing impact of language colonialism literary activists, social workers and scholars on Monday took oath to save the Kashmiri Language and identity here in Srinagar.

The galaxy of scholars, literary activists and social workers on Monday assembled during a day long conference here at Cultural Academy where they unanimously decided to constitute committees to frame the modalities for fighting the elements and policies amid at damaging the Kashmir Identity and language.

The event was organised by Adbi Markaz Kamraz J&K wherein General Secretary AMK J&K Khaliq Shams hold the proceedings while President AMK J&K Farooq Rafiabadi welcomed the guests while presenting the agenda.

During the day long discussion speakers in unison decided to constitute a confederation which will fight for the safeguard of Kashmiri and identity.

Former Secretary JKAACL Aziz Hajini during his inaugural speech discussed the growing impact of cultural onslaught and appealed participants to come forward for the safegaurd of deteriorating language.
Hajini said that cultural and language activists are disappointed with the government policies framed time to time for development of Kashmiri Language and identity.

“Politicians are misusing the word Identity,even they are getting capital out of it but they never worked for development of language and identity”Hajini said.

Hajini presented the loopholes of government policies and appealed activists to come forward to fight for the cause of protecting language and identity.

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