Farooq Rafiabadi
Farooq Rafiabadi
Farooq Rafiabadi is one of the senior members of AMK.
A poet and writer he is head of Kashmir Writers Forum and has played an important role in strengthening
the platform for youngsters. He was elected as president of AMK in 2017.
Mir Tariq Rasool
Mir Tariq Rasool (Mir Tariq) is a teacher by profession and budding poet from main Bandipora Township. He is an independent
researcher with research interests in Religion, Perennialism, Tradition, Sufism, and Philosophy. Mir is known for the Abhinavagupta
and Husserlian Studies (Phenomenology). He writes in English, Urdu, and Kashmir. He is a patron of Jammu and Kashmir
Comparative Literary and Philosophical Foundation and Secretary Literary Forum  Bandipora. He is a regular contributor to states
largest English daily Rising Kashmir and writes on Religion, Culture, Heritage, Philosophy, and Tradition. He also contributes
to Weekly Kashmir Parchum and Monthly Belaag Sahafat.


Abdul Ahad Hajini
TreasurerAbdul Ahad Hajini from Hajin is a writer, translator, and poet. He is also a columnist, Cultural and Literary activist. He has over
eight publications which include edited and translated books.Hajini has received Translation Award from Sahitiya Academy
for the book entitled “TYOTH PAZAR” in the year 2012.He is a member of Halqa-E-Adab Sonawari besides being  Language advisory
board member Kashmiri language Sahitiya Academy. He is also editor “Prave” quarterly magazine in English & Kashmiri of Adb-i-Markaz Kamraz.



Adil IsmailAadil Ismail
Media Secretary
Aadil Ismail is an upcoming writer from Bandipore. He is also a journalist and has contributed a lot to Kashmiri journalism.
He was appointed as Media Secretary in 2015.