Shall fight Govt infringement on Academy`s autonomy

May 7, 2012

AMK strategizes to reinvigorate ”Language Movement

To work out the arrangements for this year’s annual “Kashir Conference” being held in Poonch and proposed “Kashmir Literary Festival”, Adbee Markaz Kamraz (AMK) today convened an important meeting of its Executive and Advisory Board in Srinagar. The meeting also deliberated upon the issues of introduction of Kashmiri as a subject in 9th and 10th standards and autonomy of Cultural Academy.

While discussing threadbare the issues regarding promotion and preservation of Kashmiri language, the meeting resolved to reinvigorate AMK’s endeavours in garnering the support of government and non-government institutions for the purpose. In this connection, a Sub-Committee was formed to interact with the civil society and devise a comprehensive plan-of-action. Dr Shujaat Bukhari was selected Convener of the Committee with Prof Nasir Mirza and Dr Farooq Fayaz as members. “We need to awaken the Kashmir-based social and political forces vis-à-vis the issues of Kashmiri language,” said AMK President Dr Aziz Hajni, adding that the literary federation will strive to work as pressure group for the larger interests of Kashmiri language and literature.

Expressing strong resentment against the reported moves of certain quarters of the government to infringe upon the autonomous character of Cultural Academy, the meeting resolved to fight any such move tooth and nail, even if it requires to take the matter to the court of law. Saying that the Cultural Academy being headless has hampered the literary and cultural activities in the state, AMK president Dr Aziz Hajni yet again offered to withdraw his candidature if it paves way for selecting the head of the Academy.

After discussing  the proposed “Kashmir Literary Festival” to be hosted by AMK, a Sub-Committee comprising Muhammad Rafi, Prof Nasir Mirza, Ghulam Muhammad Gamgeen and Pervez Majeed, with Dr Aziz Hajni as Convener was formed to look into the various aspects of the Festival.

The meeting observed that this year’s annual “Kashmir Conference” will be held in Poonch with an aim to take AMK’s campaign of “Language Movement” in all parts of the state. “The Pir Panchal region has a rich literary and cultural history. The main focus of this year’s annual conference is to unite all the poets and writers of Kashmiri language, residing in different states, to provide them a platform to deliberate upon the issues of their mother tongue.  It also aims to draw the line of action to give impetus to its efforts for promotion and preservation of Kashmiri language,” the meeting maintained.

Saying that the AMK has expanded its Advisory Board to give representation to all regions of the State, AMK General Secretary Dr Shujaat Bukhari said with a more vibrant structure, AMK this year envisages achieving major milestones in its mission of promotion and preservation of Kashmiri language and literature. “By including two literary personalities from across the LoC,  Prof Nusrat Nissar, HOD, Department of Kashmiri, University of Lahore and  Syed Altaf Andrabi, noted  poet and writer  of Muzaffarabad , the initiative will strengthen cross-LoC cultural and literary ties,” he said.

The meeting condemned the role of a former Commissioner Secretary of the Government, who deliberately sabotaged the proposal of introduction of Kashmiri at the secondary level.

Expressing shock at the recent results of the Civil Services examination of the Public Service Commission in which almost all candidates with Kashmiri as a subject have been declared failed, the meeting asked the government to verify the credentials of the evaluators of the answer scripts.

While lauding his role for the cause of Kashmiri language, Muhammad Rafi, former director education was felicitated by presenting a shawl.

Among others who attended the meeting are Ghulam Nabi Gawhar, Prof Nasir Mirza, Dr Farooq Fayyaz, Muhammad Ahsan Ahsan, Ranjoor Tilgami, Zameer Ansari, Irshad Ahmad Shah,  Abdul Ahad Hajni, Farooq Rafiabadi, Majeed Majazi, G N Shakir, Akhtar Mansoor Farooq Shaheen, Hassan Azhar and Shabnum Tilgami.

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