Tribute to Dr Aziz Hajini by her granddaughter Rehmat Irshad

September 21, 2021
Tribute to Dr Aziz Hajini by her granddaughter Rehmat Irshad

My Nanu, My Boss

by Rehmat Irshad

My Nanu was born on 7th March, 1957. He was well educated. He was my source of inspiration and my guide. My Nanu was like a kid, he used to play with us in his free time. He said that we need to make a team of six people. He said I will choose the members. The members were Nanu, Nani, Me, Durraan (cousin), Hatim (brother) and Fardaan (cousin). The team was divided into three groups. The groups were Me and Durraan, Hatim and Fardaan and Nanu and Nani. We used to call Nanu with the name “Boss”. Whenever we used to meet, we would do fun activities with our Nanu. Nanu gave us our garden, Hatim and Fardaan had one garden and Me and Durraan had another garden. The main house was of Nanu and nani. When I was about 2 years old, Nanu gifted me a toy room which was full of toys. Nanu named the members of the team as Bright Stars.

My Nanu has travelled a lot. He has travelled to USA, UK, Cananda, UAE and many other places in the world. He has travelled to almost all places in the India. My Nanu used to took me to Jammu, Delhi and Goa during the winters. Nanu also used to give us so much money for our group activities.

My Nanu was a poet, writer, critic, administrator, orator, public speaker, academician and convenor of Sahitya Akademi for New Delhi’s Northern Regional Board. My Nanu has authored 20 books. He has also received many awards like prestigious Sahitiya Akademi Award. Nanu will always guide me whenever I had to appear in exam for Kashmiri.

Now that Nanu has left this world, our team is finished without him. I wish my Nanu was alive and I would play with him like I used to. My Nanu fought with his disease for 15 months and finally lost the battle on 11 September 2021. The name of Nanu was Late Dr. Aziz Hajini.

I pray to Allah for magfirat of my Nanu. Aameen.

Rehmat Irshad is a class 4th student at Delhi Public School Athwajan Srinagar

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